5 Absent-minded Thoughts on “Thor”

Finally got around to seeing “Thor” on Friday. Barring an extensive review, (because hyper-analyzing a comic book superhero movie would be like critiquing a 7th grader’s Harry Potter fanfic as literary canon), here are my top takeaways: 

  • Good on Kenneth Branagh to make the villain more compelling than the hero. I had hoped Mr. Shakespearean-trained still had an Iago streak in there, somewhere. 
  • Kat Dennings stole the show. She had the best lines, best delivery and was the best (human) character. Come on Natalie Portman, you’re going to let young Hollywood out-schlock your Oscar award-winning acting like that?
  • Despite complete underdevelopment of characters, Thor’s troupe of demigod friends are the hidden gems of the Asgard portion of the film. I really wish Xena, Gimli, Samurai Jack and D’Artagnan were given bigger roles.
  • Jeremy Renner’s cameo as Hawkeye? /droolsohard
  • Bottom line: See it for the Marvel Universe tie-ins, if nothing else. The comic book giant has a smart thing going for it in that even if the movies themselves aren’t up to snuff, the clues into larger picture are enough to leave the viewers satisfied. And if you keep your expectations low for “Thor,” you’ll come away feeling mildly bemused. 

22 May 2011 ·

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